Kostenloser Download Calculus PDF

Kostenloser Download Calculus PDF

Aimed at first and second year undergraduate students in mathematics, the physical sciences, and engineering, and written by two authorities in the field, this book will be required reading for courses that follow a 'problem-solving' approach to teaching calculus. The main philosophy of calculus is presented through many examples and applications to explain its abstract notions and concepts. A solutions manual demonstrating the workings of each example accompanies the book.TOC: Preface.- Introduction.- Limit and Continuity.- Differentiation.- Application of Derivatives.- Integration.- Some Special Functions.- Formal Integrations.- Numerical Integration.- More on Limits and Improper Integrals.- Infinite Series.- Polar Coordinates.- Differential Calculus for Functions of Several Variables.- Multiple Integrals.- Answers to Selected Exercises.- Tables.- Index.

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AutorYuen Fong
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