Damage Control Epub Herunterladen

Damage Control Epub Herunterladen

"Dermont's short story collection, which follows her debut novel (The Starboard Sea, 2012), demonstrates the author's versatility and sardonic humor...Dermont delivers strong prose and intriguing characters who frequently defy stereotypical ideals...the overall effect is a tight collection that takes the reader in unexpected, often disconcerting, directions. Full of irony and contradictions, this compilation of contemporary short stories is a worthwhile effort."--Kirkus ReviewsA luminous collection of short stories focusing on privilege and entitlement, from the bestselling author of The Starboard SeaDamage Control displays Amber Dermont's remarkable gift for portraying characters at crossroads. In "Lyndon," a daughter visits presidential landmarks following the death of her father. In "Damage Control," a young man works at an etiquette school while his girlfriend is indicted for embezzlement. A widow rents herself to elderly women...

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BuchtitelDamage Control
AutorAmber Dermont
Verfügbare FormatePDF, EPUB, MP3, iBOOKS, TXT, PGD, MP3

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